Women, I think that the majority of us can admit just how much we adore receiving flowers, along with any type of gift or form of admiration for that matter. In fact, one of the most rewarding and beautiful feelings is knowing that someone cares about you enough to offer you an extension of their love and gratitude for you.

Is the strong want for that example of love ruining you?

What I mean is, so many women become envious of those who receive bountiful and luscious gifts that, if they receive anything, it is not enough.

And for the women who may not receive such wonderful things at all, they become hostile and show their desire for such an action by placing judgement or by ridiculing.

As I have mentioned in a post before, I believe that comparison is a thief of joy. If you want to feel happy with what you have, or don’t, stop comparing.
Stop comparing your life to those of others.

They may post pictures of flowers and jewelry all over every form of social media. Does that mean they are truly happy? Or do they post their personal lives on the internet to make themselves feel as though they are happy. To them, comments and likes on social media may help them validate the way they believe they should be feeling at that moment, or the way they should be feeling about the person on the other end of the gifts.

The truth is, before you can appreciate anything that may be given to you out of kindness or love, you need to have a good and strong feeling about yourself.
If you are not at ease with yourself, you will not be accepting of emotions that are offered to you to the extent at which they are being felt or offered. You will be the person reaching for that camera to post your life to the world in order to feel secure and validated.

You need to love yourself fully before you can be fully accepting of the love someone is offering you, as well as their extension of it.

And if you are not ready to love yourself or are still in the process, or if you are loving yourself with all that you have but have not found someone to share your love with, extend love to yourself.

Buy yourself something nice.
Pick flowers from a bush outside and place them in a vase.

Do these things for yourself!

The truth is, it will probably mean more and you won’t feel the need to share this extension of your love with the world because it will be a genuine love. The love you are sharing for yourself.

We create our own happiness. Do things for yourself that make you happy, that make you feel loved, and that make you feel special.

If someone is offering you these things already, accept them with kindness and do not take the fact that someone thinks you are special for granted.

You are special.
You are loved.


I’m Back!

It has been quite some time since I have posted, and I greatly apologize. Not that many people read my writing, but for those of you who do, I hope to get back in the habit. One of the reasons I haven’t been around to post is the stress of the Holiday’s, but even more so, the stress and business of every day life. 

While we are on the topic of stress, do you ever have the feeling that EVERYTHING around is just to stressful and complicated? Do you feel like you are trying to swim up from the bottom of a pool, but the water keeps rising? If I were asked this question, I would have to raise my hand in agreement. 

As a young adult, I am still learning what adulthood truly consists of. As a teenager, you look at most of the adults in your life and view their life as simple. At least I did. They didn’t have to take the tests that you did, they didn’t have endless amounts of homework, they didn’t have to worry about making friends or impressing the ones that they already had. REALITY CHECK TO ME. Adulthood is hard work, stressful, and sometimes, extremely disappointing. 

Stress number one, of course, money. When we were younger we worried about whether or not our parents would give us gas money for the week or if they would pay for a movie date. Now, as a young adult, we have to worry about whether we will have enough money for groceries or a car payment. Don’t you wish that you could back in time to the simple days when you didn’t feel as though debt was forcing you down a deep hole? Not only do you have to pay your own bills as a young adult, you have to dress like a young adult. Which means no more holey jeans and tank tops or mini skirts and dark makeup. However, new “professional” clothes are not cheap. I could honestly sum up all causes of stress under money, and I would not be lying. 

However, I do believe their are more. Stress number two, in my book, a career. I have a job, somewhat in the field my Bachelors degree is in. I am just not satisfied. I am not satisfied with where I work, what I get paid, and the importance that I DO NOT feel at my job. So, along with many more of you, I am in a continual search for a better job and a start to my career as a teacher. If only life could be like we pictured it to be. We would come right out of college to a dream job that paid the big bucks. AS IF. 

One of the biggest stresses in my life currently, especially after the Holiday’s, is the struggle to be apart from my family. Maybe it is the age, and the fact that I know I will never live with my parents again, honestly, I don’t know. I feel sadness and remorse every day due to that fact that I don’t want to be apart from my family. Sad, I know, for a 22 year old woman to want to be at her parents house willingly, but part of me just doesn’t feel ready to be away from them for good. Obviously we will visit each other often, but having to say goodbye is something I begin to dread the second I walk into their door. 

I could go on forever about the stress that young twenty-somethings go through.Like I mentioned, I always viewed adults as lucky, really having nothing to worry about except going to work and feeding their kids. As I am becoming an adult, I believe my age to be a transitional period, like a baby bird learning to fly, venturing out of the nest to create it’s own life. Which, that is what we are doing, creating a life for ourselves and learning what it is that we want our life to be. 

I have to slow down and remind myself not stress. That things will turn out the way that they are meant to. I just have to follow my dreams, you have to follow your dreams. If you are doing what makes you happy, other people, like your family, will support you and stand behind you. 

It is time for us to venture out into the world of adulthood. We have to chase our dreams and shake the stresses. Although not all aspects of learning to fly are fun, the outcome is totally worth it. SPREAD YOUR WINGS. 

Begin 2014 as a baby bird learning to fly and end it with the confidence of an Eagle. Learn to love this new person that you are becoming, even if it is much different than the person that you are leaving behind. Our twenties are all about learning who we are, and learning to love that person. 



The memory of a mistake

Mistake: a word that haunts us, holds us back, drowns us.

Growing up, people always said that we learned from our mistakes.

I think of mistakes as a tattoo. Sure, as we wise up we look back and realize that the choices we made were not the best, but the memory of those bad choices stay with us everyday starting the day we make them. Some people are strong enough to let the thoughts and emotions of those mistakes slip away each day subconsciously, others, are not so lucky.

For those people, like me and many others, who allow the overwhelming power of a memory take control of their minds each day (even if only for a minute), we begin to lose the love we have for ourselves.

The thoughts control our minds, like a puppeteer.

We become prisoners of our past actions, and we are frozen in the present, afraid to slip up yet again.

Like a tattoo, the memory of our mistakes can not be wiped clean, we cannot simply give ourselves a clean slate.

It is important to know, that you must NOT let these mistakes hold you captive any longer.
They will ruin you, exhaust you, create hardships for you and your loved ones that could easily be avoided.

So, let them slip. Let the memories fade. Let the guilt fade.
Stop making yourself feel like a terrible person.
Because, like a tattoo, with age you change. You are different than you were when you made those mistakes. You are not that person any more.

Continue to grow in the present, when those thoughts flood your mind, recall how different you are now. How, you really did LEARN from the mistake.

You deserve to be loved by you and by others. Give yourself what you deserve.

Let. Go. And. Move. On.

And remember, you may remember a mistake you made years ago, but I guarantee you, everybody else has forgotten or forgiven.

d o t h e s a m e

..forgive yourself.
free yourself.
love yourself.


As I am sitting here drinking a bottle of wine, I am thinking to myself how “unsatisfied” I am with my life.

Do you ever feel that way? Is this exactly how you pictured your life going at this point? If not, change the course of your future before it’s too late.

Let’s NOT get stuck in that rut together. I would hate that 20 years from now we regretted that small decision to avoid changing out paths because it was too hard at the time.

NEWS FLASH. Everything is hard at first, but if it is want you want it will get better and you will move on.

Follow your dreams. Everything these days promotes to “do you.” So do it! What have you got to lose?

If the people you love don’t support or follow you, they must not love you as much as you think. And if that is the case, someone who loves you more than you could imagine will come along!

Follow your heart and your dreams always.

Everyone has a story.

Do you ever find yourself driving down the highway and thinking to yourself, I wonder where all of these people are going? I do. Everyday I try to wrap my head around HOW BIG the world is. There are so … Continue reading


“Eunoia” means: beautiful thinking; a well mind.

Is that something you can say that you do or have? Do you think beautifully? Is your mind well, at ease? If the answer is no, let’s change that.

It is normal to doubt yourself occasionally, we all do. There is, however, a fine line between self doubt and self destruction. If we live in a way in which we are continuously negative, continuously doubtful, self loathing, and hateful, then our lives will never be as they should. We are meant to enjoy our lives, not hate or regret them!

If this is you, someone who “hates” themselves, someone who is always mad at yourself for something, cleanse your body and mind of that attitude. Learn to think beautifully. think beautifully and you will be beautiful. Live beautifully and you will live a life full of love and happiness.

The way that you live will affect the lives of those you spend your time with. </em. Do not bring others down with negativity, lifer them up with beauty and encouragement.

When a negative thought about yourself comes into you mind, write it down and burn the paper.

Life is too short to think that way about yourself or to live with such hostility.

Be the beauty that you see around you.